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Twitter employees told to send weekly updates to Elon Musk

Another day, another news about Elon Musk and Twitter.

Twitter employees that are coding or doing technical work are now expected to submit a weekly summary of their work. The summary will include what they worked on, what they hoped to complete, and specific lines of code they wrote. Elon Musk is directly overseeing Twitter’s engineering department.

Email from Twitter Engineering

Subject line: Weekly Software/Technical Updates

Twitter Team,

In order to innovate rapidly on software, it is critical to understand what everyone is working on and who is coding what.

Moving forward, every Friday (this week, on Wednesday), please email the following weekly update to [email protected] with the following format:

-Subject line: “Weekly Update, name, dept, and date (eg “Weekly Update, John smith, SWE, 11/20)

-Email Body:

  • What project you are working on (eg Blue Verified)
  • What you are trying to accomplish (eg reliably collect the $8 payment)
  • Code Samples/Phabricator links of code written that week

This weekly update applies to:

  • All managers/engineers in SWE and ML
  • Anyone who should be writing code in other departments, such as SRE and Network
  • For technical positions where code is not written (eg network/database admin), replace “Code samples/Phabricator links” above with “Summary of work”
  • For technical positions where code is not written and analyses are being performer (eg data scientist), replace “Code sample/Phabricator links” with “Summary and results of analysis”

If there are any questions or ambiguity, please email [email protected]

Looking forward to making Twitter the highest performing tech software company in the world.

Twitter Engineering






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