Internal Microsoft Video Criticizing Google Chrome ‘Now Everywhere’

On the same day Google CEO Larry Page spoke out against “negativity” in the tech industry, we’ve just come across an internal Microsoft video criticizing Google Chrome ‘Now Everywhere’ video.

Chrome Now Everywhere Microsoft Parody

Larry Page said:

“I’ve personally been quite sad at the industry’s behavior around all these things. If you take something as simple as IM, we’ve had an open offer to interoperate forever….Just this week Microsoft took advantage of that by interoperating with us. You can’t have people milking off of just one company.”

Here is the original Google Chrome video:


Microsoft’s internal video criticizing above video:

Is Page right? Should Microsoft stop bashing Google?

[Video Source]: GeekWire







14 responses to “Internal Microsoft Video Criticizing Google Chrome ‘Now Everywhere’”

  1. Sam Insomniac Avatar

    No. I really want it to go on xD
    And Google is no holy saint either. This will at least do something about how privacy is becoming fake nowadays. Maybe something like this would open Google’s eyes ?

    1. amr_india Avatar

      Right said bro. They aren’t Do-no-evil company. They just do everything to collect our date. Despite this fact, we can’t ignore them so we just embrace Google blindly. See how Google is against MS.

      Also MS while creating all these scroogled videos, should improve themselves so that it gives the user an option to switch from Google. Now IE is faaaar behind Chrome. 😉

  2. Marcos Schroer Avatar

    Dear Google; Thank you for tracking me. Thank you for making money off of me while not asking me for a penny or harassing me with intrusive ads. Because all of what you do results in me having the highest quality of personalized web services for little to no cost to me.

    Dear Microsoft; Stop being whiny bitch. Instead, try to be more like Google. Look at the writing in the sky. It’s clear what you SHOULD be doing. And it’s clear that this childishness is not working in your favor.

    1. Luis Avatar

      Gotta love this guy…

    2. Ужасный Уг Avatar

      Dear Google thank you that you give advertizing on interests, not as at the others: “increase the dick! “. Thank you for the browser which does not devour all RAM, does not take off with mistakes, restores the previous sessions normally.
      PS: Me does not confuse that Google earns by advertizing as it gives thus many free functions. All trace, simply not all about it speak. Amuses when adults trust in fairy tales. The holy Microsoft anybody did not watch.

    3. Дмитро Дубина Avatar

      The funniest thing that MS already does that – in Win8 – collecting data through Skype, Bing and even Office and feeding ads that are incorporated in “Modern” apps and cannot be disabled 🙂

    4. SHEEPMANTE Avatar

      At least Microsoft knows how to be funny.

      1. InsominacEternal23578 Avatar

        LOL so true!

  3. Guest Avatar

    Well, gee. I know google makes money of targeted adds. Big Fucking deal. But I will still use chrome.. It rocks. It’s useful.

  4. Ufupuw Avatar

    Well, gee. I know google makes money from targeted adds. Big Fucking deal. I don’t mind. I will still use chrome.. It rocks. It’s useful.

  5. Mother Father Gentleman Avatar
    Mother Father Gentleman

    Stupid… I’ts a so brilliant company, and they made this.

  6. Daniel Lopez Avatar
    Daniel Lopez

    microsoft verguenza mundial dan asco no son profesionales y solo se dedican a desprestigiar a google usando youtube burros!!!

  7. This wizard. Avatar

    Thanks, Microsoft, I’ll use Chrome only from now on.

  8. Resuna Avatar

    There are apparently people who actually believe Microsoft, about anything, so as transparent and narrow-minded as this campaign is I’m sure there are people who will nod along and agree with every lie that comes out of Redmond.

    I do want to take one issue with Google here. There is an open standard for IM, it’s called XMPP, and Google used to use it in an almost standard fashion. They’ve moved away from that, so complaining about Microsoft’s lack of interoperability is just a wee bit hypocritical. It’s not the only place they have fallen short of the kind of openness they pretend to, either. It’s disappointing.

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