Dell launches its own browser ‘Secure Browser’

Dell has released its own browser based on the Firefox platform, called the Dell KACE Secure Browser. The Secure Browser uses virtualization technology
to provide a safer web experience to users and organizations.

When using the Secure Browser any changes or malicious files inadvertently downloaded from the Internet are contained within the secure browser, keeping the underlying OS and computer secure from hostile changes. Any changes resulting from browser activity may be quickly and easily reset to effectively “undo” such changes and return it to its initially installed state. Secure Browsers also offer the option of specifying “white” and “black” lists to control what processes may be started or what sites may be visited.

  • Provides a virtualized and contained Firefox v3.6 Browser with Adobe Reader and Flash plug-ins
  • Rapidly reset any changes made during normal use back to their initial state, enabling easy recovery from infections or attacks
  • View statistics related to the number of processes detected and blocked
  • Set white and black lists to limit access to known good sites, or prevent access to known bad sites to further limit the risk of attack and infection


Size: 73.6 MB

System Requirements: Microsoft® Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP (32-bit only, 64-bit systems are not supported at this time)






2 responses to “Dell launches its own browser ‘Secure Browser’”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Another browser in the browser world!

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Another browser in the browser world!

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