Zune is not dead, it’s an iTunes killer

Microsoft has finally killed off the Zune players because of its demand and instead will shift its focus to other devices and software.

Zune is a Microsoft’s answer to Apple iPod which was introduced in 2006 and never managed to break the iPod’s grip on the music player industry.




According to Bloomberg’s report yesterday, a "person familiar with the decision" has confirmed that Microsoft won’t be producing any new Zune media players, and that the company will instead focus solely on the Zune software that already has a foothold on the Xbox 360 and Windows Phone devices.

Later today, the Zune team head exposed the above mentioned report about the Zune’s demise. “This year’s Zune hardware is Windows Phone 7″

Dave McLauchlan, senior business development manager for Zune, insisted that the iPod didn’t kill the Zune and he reminded that “all consumer electronics products have a lifespan, and the Zune HD is 18 months old”  while promising new apps and games.

Zune software is now an integral part of Windows Phone 7 and the mobile owners will soon be able to buy songs and movies via Microsoft’s online content store and may offer unlimited streaming which may be turn into a weapon against the iTunes juggernaut.