Windows 8 can be Installed in 8 Minutes, Restores in 2 Minutes

A Chinese site Win7China today managed to get hold of a few screenshots of Microsoft’s next operating system (popularly known as Windows 8) as well as some interesting features to share with everyone.




The site had an exclusive talk with their tipster in Microsoft and according to them would have a Factory Restore option and this can be done in just 2 minutes! And Windows 8 installs in just 8 minutes compared to the 23-25 minutes taken by Windows 7 on same configuration. The configuration used here is 24G RAM, 2TB hard drive (certainly not the SSD) and 8-core processors, so it’s a comparison and Windows 8 would take much more time to install on a normal configuration (2.5 times faster than Windows 7).

Other interesting changes include the addition of the ability to login using a Windows Live ID, with the ID’s display picture (leaked screenshot below) being shown in the redesigned system tray.




Another feature that has been added in Windows 8 is that the taskbar now shows the progress of driver installation-



Other features rumored around include Facial recognition, Windows Store. Steve Ballmer already quoted past in an interview about the riskiest product ever could be the next release of Windows. Windows 8 is expected to be another revolutionary release to the Windows product line.


Image Credit: Windows8Beta