Why iPad Leads the Tablet Market and Internet Usage?

As we stepped into 2012 we saw a number of tablet computers launched at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) held at the Las Vegas Convention Center last month. Almost a hundred new tablets were launched at the CES last year in different sizes, specifications, operating systems, etc. with the introduction of pressure sensors. This year we saw fairly the same amounts of tablets released with a wave of tablets using the Android and Windows operating systems.




iPad Leads the Tablet Market

As the demand for tablet computers surges, Apple’s iPad seems to be the leading contender with the highest market share of 73% of the entire tablet user market in UK. With an adult population of 48 million, half of the potential tablet computer owners in UK say that they will prefer to buy Apple’s iPad as opposed to all other tablets available in the market. The next popular choice of potential consumers is Samsung Galaxy Tab with 6% of the potential market planning to buy it. Plus, there are 28% of these potential buyers who aren’t sure which tablet they are going to buy, but what they are sure of is that they will be buying one! This presents some serious opportunities for tablet producers.

Apple’s Strong Brand Loyalty

Apple has a very large customer base and a strong customer loyalty, which gives them a positive and strong word of mouth. Apple also holds a large chunk of the smartphone market with its iPhone giving it leverage in the tablet market. 80% of the owners of iPhone who intend to purchase a tablet computer say that they already intend to buy an iPad. Now this is a leverage that other tablet producers won’t have and one they should keep in mind while marketing their tablets. Unless a tablet can offer something drastically advanced than the iPad, these consumers will not be lured towards the other tablets. Plus, Apple’s brand loyalty is so strong it will not be easy to be reckoned with.

iPad as a Trend-setter

According to the latest market projections the tablet computers are increasingly becoming an important device for technology users. IPad has not only led the market by share, but also with its trend-setting and innovative technology that has formed the consumer’s perception of what tablets are all about. That is the reason why other tablet producers have formed their products along those same lines if they want to catch the consumer’s eye. It is very much expected that Apple will maintain this lead very easily for the next couple of years without having to put in much efforts. But its market share is destined to erode because now it is not the only tablet producer around as other Android and Windows based tablets are slowly gaining popularity.

iPad Leads in Internet Usage

In the current year the internet usage of iPad users accounts for 17.5% of the entire American market, even after so many broadband service providers are offering a free laptop with their connections. By the next two years Apple iPad’s sales are expected to reach more than sixty million. 3.7% of the American population is currently using iPads, which will increase to 18.9% in the next two years. Another change will be in the increase of younger iPad users more than ever before, which means they will soon surpass the adult users. Also, there will be an ever decreasing number of iPad owners who will be sharing it with other users.


Even though there have been many new tablets introduced in the market by Samsung, HTC, HP, Asus, Acer and many more, none have been able to come close to threatening the market share of Apple. A tablet that has caused concerns for Apple is Kindle Fire, released by Amazon this Christmas has gained serious popularity in the US market and is yet to be released in the UK. The advantage that Apple gained by introducing one of the first technologically advanced tablets before the others has been a very smart move on their behalf. Apple accounts for 87.6% of the internet usage by all tablet users, according to a survey performed last November by StatCounter of Royal Pingdom. Even if internet connections come with a free laptop it is doubtful that the tablet users will ever want to switch back.

Apple is going to rock again with the latest iPad 3 launch event which is going to happen on March 7, 2012.


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