Microsoft’s Cheap Tricks On Google’s New Privacy Policies. Google Fight Back

As most of you know about Google’s latest changes in terms of privacy policies that will change effective from March 1, 2012, the giant covers multiple products and features into one single intuitive experience. Take some time and read those new changes that are mentioned in the page as well in FAQ page. As stated in those pages, Google will never collect/sell your personal information.

Taking the advantage of this new step, Microsoft released a cheap advertising campaign where it asks users to consider some of its popular alternatives like Bing, Hotmail, Office 365.


Microsoft vs. Google


This ad campaign which was originally posted on TechNet blog comes after a fair amount of discussion here. From the page –

“So, if the news about Google has you feeling frustrated, or concerned, or both, we have some great, award-winning alternatives:…”

Click the image below for full campaign.


Microsoft's Office 365 ad campaign against Google


Later, Google replied about all these false points in its official public policy blog post busting about its approach.

This is the not first time Microsoft doing these kind of negative attacks against Google instead of focusing on its users. Watch Microsoft’s Office 365 ad against Gmail. Google responded to this point that no one reads your email, like most major email providers do, Google scan messages to get rid of spam and malware as well as show ads that are relevant to users.