Majel: Google’s Response to Siri? Early 2012 Release?

Since Apple’s iPhone 4S launch, everyone has been talking about one awesome feature: Siri. This feature was the first of its real kind of piece of software using normal talking language. We had many voice command software before, just like Microsoft’s Tellme, open source, commercial software, but Siri lit a fire.

Even though Siri is technically still in beta, it impressed us in many other ways. Now, everybody started copying it. First in the line is Google. Read on..




A new report by Androidandme claims Google is working on its own voice recognition assistant for Android, with codename “Majel”, from the voice of the on-board computer in Star Trek. The late actress Majel Barrett-Roddenberry (picture above) voiced the Federation Computer from Star Trek.

The report also mentions that the company’s secret lab team is working round the clock to prepare the product for end of this year release or early 2012.

Will Google stand in the line of the competition of both Apple and Microsoft’s offerings?