It’s IE9 Beta Download Day – I’m Genuinely excited!

I’m Genuinely excited! I don’t remember feeling this way when Chrome 6, Firefox 3.6 or Opera 10.60 were released — and IE9 is just a beta.

There are several reasons –

  • IE9 is the first version to support HTML5, CSS3, SVG, canvas and several other technologies.
  • It’s clean, simple, fast and beautiful design here’s no menu bar, no Favourites Bar, no Command Bar, and no Status Bar.
  • The new One Box, which combines address bar and search functionality into a single UI
  • IE 9 notifications are now at the bottom of the window, are less obtrusive, and won’t interrupt your browsing experience.
  • Windows 7 Integration – You can pin website shortcuts to the Windows 7 taskbar just like local applications
  • Download Manager with SmartScreen Filter – At long last, IE gains a download manager
  • Full hardware acceleration, scripting performance, HTML5 and other web standards, compatibility mode, Dev Tools


The beta download should be available at 11:00 US PDT September 15, 2010

Stay tuned for a full review on cosmoGeek soon.