iPhone 5 to Ditch iPhone 4’s Glass Back Design?

A new rumour floating on Cupertino’s (read Apple) world. Apple will abandon the glass back design it introduced with the iPhone 4, and replace it with a new aluminium back, similar to the very first iPhone, with its next model.




According to Taiwan’s Economics Daily News’ report (via Apple Insider) , the issues with scratches and paint mixture for the white iPhone 4 have allegedly prompted Apple to switch to aluminium which may resemble the design similar to the iPod touch. In addition to scratching and difficulty painting the glass back of the iPhone 4, the report claims that the weight of the glass has prompted Apple to reconsider its use in iPhone 5.

Apple is also rumoured to be looking to abandon the steel outer frame of the iPhone 4, which doubles as the device’s antennas. That design decision led to bad publicity when it was discovered that covering a section of the antenna could degrade a wireless signal.

The Taiwanese newspaper also states that the iPhone 5 will come with the same A5 processor as the forthcoming iPad 2. It also predicts Apple will stick with its typical annual release schedule, announcing the device at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, in June or July, as it has done in years past.

Picture Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/iphone5news/4886717998/