How To Integrate SP1 into Windows 7 Disc

Did you install the latest Service Pack Microsoft has released for Windows 7 few days ago? If not, do it right away and patch your OS. A typical Service Pack 1 installation takes at least 30 to 60 minutes depending on your computer configuration and files.

Imagine you got to format your machine and do a fresh Windows 7 installation. At that time, you need to install this update (read SP1) over again. There should be an easier method where you can integrate the service pack right into your Operating System disc which saves your valuable time!




This process of integrating service pack to an operating system (or any other application) is called Slipstream. There are many automated tools available on Internet which performs these kind of jobs.

The tool that will be used and explained here in this tutorial is “RT 7 Lite”. Apart from slip-streaming, it also lets you customize the Windows installation disc by removing components, integration of silent installers creating unattended installation etc. I personally advice not removing components during the installation process, as it could lead to possible problems later on.

The following tutorial is directly taken from the FAQ page of RT 7 Lite.

How to slipstream Windows 7 Service Pack 1 using RT 7 Lite?

1. Select the location of your windows 7 installer DVD (You can either choose ISO file or the folder where you have copied Windows 7 contents. You cannot directly choose the DVD path). Once the selected windows 7 is loaded you will get the list of images as below


2. Now enable "Slipstream service pack" option as below


3. A new window will be opened as below in the screenshot. Select a valid service pack file and click the start button.


4. RT Seven Lite will now start the integration.


5. RT Seven Lite will finally save the progress and completes it.


6. Once its completed you can either proceed further to start customizing with service pack integrated or simply exit the application after service pack is integrated.



Finally, create a bootable ISO which can be burned to a DVD. Click ISO-Bootable in the left pane and select the DVD drive and click Make ISO.

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