How To Get Rid of “Facebook T-Shirt” Spam

Are you one of those poor Facebook users who ended up clicking the latest scam of a free Facebook T-shirt? Well, if you’re still hoping that you’re going to receive a free Tee, good luck by the way! You won’t receive one.
This latest scam pretends you to claim a free Facebook Tee with an attractive webpage celebrating the social giant’s 7th birthday and saying it has more than 1.9 million official Tees in stock.


Once you click the webpage, it asks you to verify that you are a Facebook user and intelligently it lets you to click Facebook Mobile, and asks for your personalized secret email address from this page. Yes, this is very important and secret email address and is unique to your Facebook ID. If someone else finds your secret Facebook Mobile email address, they’ll be able to post status messages to your page or upload pics or videos directly to your wall. I wrote about the importance of this unique email address in the past also.
Now, if you were hit by this scam, you must refresh your Facebook mobile upload email address. Follow these simple steps below:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Under the middle section ‘Upload via Email’, the first one is your unique upload email address. This is what you need to keep secret.
  3. Click ‘Find out more’


  1. In the next window, click ‘refresh your upload email’ option. Confirm again to reset the email.

Even though Facebook warns you that you can refresh this email address limited number of times, do it now. If not, you’re just kissing this spammer!
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