Here come “Super Wi-Fi”

The Federal Communications Commission just cleared a path for a new generation of “Super Wi-Fi” technologies.

What is Super Wi-Fi?

Its not an entirely new concept. Its a new Wi-Fi transmission on entirely new spectrum. Many of you know that present Wi-Fi activity takes place on 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz frequencies, for the first time FCC opened up a sizable new block of unlicensed spectrum between 50MHz and 700MHz.


What makes the super Wi-Fi super?

The airwaves reserved for television broadcasts are stronger and capable of passing through walls and getting greater range, so if this is applied to Wi-Fi, we could be looking at Wi-Fi signals with a range that is 16 times greater than what they are currently capable of reaching. You can soon expect download speeds of 15Mbps to 20Mbps – as fast as a cable modem.

Official release from FCC in PDF format here.