Shame on Siri – Google Brings Enhanced Voice Search To iPhones And iPads

In an official blog post, Google announced today that it’s adding its enhanced voice powered search to its ‘Search App’ for the iPhone and iPad. This update will include enhanced voice functionality which is similar to Google Now feature that’s already available for Jelly Bean users. This feature proved to give some prominent results in Android devices and  now Google is bringing this feature to iPhones and iPads to kill Siri.


Google Now is more similar to Siri but with more enhanced features and much better. The results are found to be more accurate and better in Google Now compared to Siri as it uses Google results when there is no information available for your search queries, unlike Siri’s dependency on Wolfram Alpha and few other third party services.

Within the next couple of days, Google will roll out an update that lets you search mapping info, songs, information about people and places, as well as perform mathematical calculations.

According to the post,

Often the most natural way to ask a question is by asking aloud. So we’ve combined our speech recognition expertise, understanding of language and the Knowledge Graph so that Voice Search can better interpret your questions and sometimes speak the answers back as full sentences. This has been available on Android for a few weeks and people love it. It’ll soon be available on your iPhone or iPad (iOS version 4.2+).

When Google announced this feature for Android in the past, tech enthusiasts already compared these two virtual assistants and found that Google has done good job with this new search. Here is a sample comparison example Techno Buffalo has done in the past –



As you can see in the video, Google’s voice assistant has done good job on Android and now we’ll have to wait and see how well it performs on iPhones and iPads.  When Google brings its stellar voice search to Apple’s devices in a few days, it’s going to make Siri look like the dumpy beta product Apple claims it is. Shame on Siri?

Additionally, its already confirmed that there will be no stock YouTube and Google Maps apps from iOS 6 and this clearly shows the tech giants’ hatred. These moves Apple and Google make can be seen as direct outcomes of the bad blood Steve Jobs of when he spoke about Android. Go giants!

Take a look of the upcoming update below:

Are you excited about the possibilities this coming update will enable on your iOS devices?