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  • OpenAI Vision: A New Era of AI Interactions

    OpenAI Vision: A New Era of AI Interactions

    OpenAI, a frontrunner in artificial intelligence research, has recently announced several groundbreaking updates that are set to enhance AI technology interactions in dramatic ways. New Voice and Image Features for ChatGPT The beloved AI model, ChatGPT, is now more capable than ever. OpenAI has enhanced ChatGPT with new voice and image features, setting a new…

  • Why Gandhi Disapproved of Modi’s Leadership

    Why Gandhi Disapproved of Modi’s Leadership

    I requested ChatGPT to assume the role of a prominent Indian journalist and come up with a list of questions that would be asked if Mahatma Gandhi were alive today. Subsequently, I asked for responses to these questions, embodying Gandhi’s perspective, vision, and reasoning. [Image Credit] Here are some of the interesting points and answers…

  • Exploring the Depths: How Submarines Work and Navigate Underwater

    Submarines are amazing machines that can travel deep underwater for long periods of time. They can perform various missions, such as military operations, scientific research, or underwater exploration. But how do submarines work and navigate underwater? How do they control their depth, speed, and direction? How do they communicate and locate targets? In this blog…

  • Twitter employees told to send weekly updates to Elon Musk

    Twitter employees told to send weekly updates to Elon Musk

    Another day, another news about Elon Musk and Twitter. Twitter employees that are coding or doing technical work are now expected to submit a weekly summary of their work. The summary will include what they worked on, what they hoped to complete, and specific lines of code they wrote. Elon Musk is directly overseeing Twitter’s…

  • Read Elon Musk’s first email to all Twitter employees

    Elon Musk is ending Twitter’s ‘work from home forever’ policy. Employees are expected to be in the office for at least 40 hours a week. Musk wants Twitter to generate at least half of its revenue from subscriptions to become less reliant on advertising. Many advertisers have paused spending until Musk and his team can…

  • Who is the final winner in TikTok bid?

    Who is the final winner in TikTok bid?

    After President Trump’s demand to sell TikTok to an American firm began, every major company competed for the 100m users firm. Microsoft seemed ahead with the race, but Oracle’s Trump card brokered the deal! The most obvious winner in all this is China’s government. ByteDance gets to keep its prize asset rather than sell it…

  • MoviePass hacked

    It’s 2019 and we are still dealing with encryption issues! ??‍♂️ MoviePass exposed thousands of unencrypted customer card numbers

  • Capital One Databreach

    According to Capital One, that data includes approximately 120,000 Social Security numbers and approximately 77,000 bank account numbers #CapitalOne #Databreach

  • Costco membership card scan update

    Great! I’ve been asking and waiting for this digital membership card scan feature for quite sometime from #Costco Still not a complete cardless solution at their gas stations yet. #CostcoiOSApp

  • Robinhood password mess

    My guess is someone who wrote code must either logging all HTTP requests or user objects and passwords were accidentally included in diagnostic logs, but who knows! And it valued at $7.6 billion earlier this week ?‍♂️ #Robinhood #RobinhoodPassword