You Don’t Need a Case For iPhone 5 Or You May [Videos]

I am using a crystal case for my iPhone 4S. But, do you actually require a case for your amazing small device? Well, there is a small excuse for this fragile black glass on the back of iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S devices. But, there is no excuse anymore for buying a case for iPhone 5 because it is made by aluminium. She can’t break herself. There is no point of screen scratches for this amazingly beautiful device.

I know you won’t believe me! But following videos from YouTube reveal some interesting surprising results.


And finally, folks at iFixit have done a good job with their unique test in the following video. This one has somewhat different results compared to above videos.

Before running these tests on your device (I know you won’t!), I would advice you to  not treat this gorgeous device like a piece of trash and if you do, obviously it’ll get scratched, dented or something other. Decide yourself! Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.