You Can Make And Receive Calls From Windows 8?

Surely, Metro UI style in Windows 8 is real treat for PC users. Microsoft is currently building a number of innovative applications for Windows 8. Even though many of the apps are not currently available in Windows 8 Developer Preview, the software giant is expected to ship them in its Beta edition. These apps could be very similar to those of Windows Phone 7 devices.



This interesting app, first discovered by a famous Windows Phone 7 developer Long Zheng, shows different parts in Windows 8 that you can make and receive calls. In other words, there could be phone calling capability directly from your Windows 8 operating system.

The above picture was taken at a session from Microsoft’s BUILD 2011 conference where Windows 8 was demoed. It shows a ‘Missed calls’ tile with number of received calls.

The second screenshot (below) which is a from a video demo by Windows Live, also shows a ‘People’ app which has the capability to call the person’s mobile along with email, SMS and chat features.




While there could be a possibility that Microsoft may use its own VOIP based communication system using Windows Live, or Skype; there is a also a possibility that Microsoft could restrict this feature in only tablet based devices supporting phone capability feature. This phone feature could be a real bet if Microsoft takes directly to desktop PC users also.

Meanwhile, enjoy the powerful ‘People’ app features in Windows 8 that combines cloud based address book, Email accounts and lots more!



Do you have any ideas in building those all new Windows 8 Metro Style Apps?