WP7 Mango Includes Web Based Marketplace

Just like Apple’s App Store, Google’s Android Market and Amazon’s Appstore for Android; Microsoft announced a web based version of Windows Marketplace in conjunction with WP7 Mango roll-out.

You can read about the announcement of all new 500 features in Windows Phone 7 Mango in the last post here.

The web version of Marketplace will launch with new OS Mango later this year and gives you a chance for discovering apps and games.




Just as on the phone, users will be able to browse the full catalogue, view screenshots, read application details and reviews for that app directly from browser.

Unlike in the Apple’s App Store, users can install apps to their phone from the web-based Marketplace through SMS or email. Also, no need to worry about lost apps when you upgrade to a new phone, as the implementation of a web-based Marketplace will allow Microsoft to save your download history. That way, you can easily re-install your apps straight to your new phone.

As we’d expect, the web-based Windows Marketplace will integrate your favourite social networks, Twitter and Facebook, letting you share and promote apps, along with the option to share an app through email or an embedded link.


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