Windows 8 Plans Leaked: Many Details Revealed

The Italian Windows site “Windowsette” got a hold of some super secret squirrel Microsoft presentations laying around on the Internet somewhere. The original leak comes from the Microsoft Journal, an enthusiast blog written by Francisco Martin, who lists himself as a Microsoft VIP Tester.

Key points from the presentation:

Facial recognition: A Windows computer will know who is using it based on facial recognition technology.

Fast start time: One of the great things about smartphones and the iPad is that it’s always on an ready to go. Laptops are increasingly speedy, but they don’t compare to mobile gadgets. Microsoft wants Windows 8 devices to be fast to start.

Better displays, more integration: Windows 8 will support 3D media, and it will work with wireless TV sets. Says Microsoft, "Developers can build modern experiences around display devices by leveraging Windows 8 support for premium media experiences such as stereoscopic 3D and Wireless TVs.”

Windows 8 Prototype Machine

Windows 8 Introduces “Windows Store,” Microsoft’s App Store for Windows



Link to Full presentation