What’s New in iOS 4.3?

Apple has dropped a new build of iOS into the Developer Center and developers around the world are already hard at work tearing it apart in search for all the little hidden gems within.




I’ve keep a running list of everything I’ve spotted that has made its way into iOS 4.3 (from couple of different Internet sources). Drop a comment and let others know if you find anything new!

  • Personal Hotspot – Turns your iPhone into a Wi-Fi router for up to 5 devices
  • AirPlay – Video support opened up for third party apps.
  • It will also provide new FaceTime icon for iPod touches.
  • Fullscreen iAds
  • iOS 4.3 doesn’t currently appear to support the iPhone 3G or iPod Touch 2G (or earlier models), as no builds for those devices are being made available to developers. This may change by the time iOS 4.3 officially ships.
  • New Gestures – The iPad now supports 4 and 5 finger gestures. Swiping up will show the App Switching tray, swiping left/right will switch apps
  • Other new features include new message alert settings, and new font “Noteworthy” added to iPad.

Now the iOS 4.3 beta is available for mobile devices and Apple TV in Dev Center program, you can download if you have an Apple developer ID. The final version is expected to be launched in March.