What is Jailbreaking?

 IPod touch

What is Jailbreaking? If you just heard of the iPhone or iPod Touch, chances are you never heard about Jailbreaking or unlocking your device.

Technical Definition of Jailbreak:

The iPhone, iPod touch & iPad hack that allow users to gain access to the entire Unix filesystem. In Unix terms, this refers to changing the root of the directory tree to /.

Common Definition of Jailbreak:

A hack that gains access to areas of the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad that users aren’t supposed to mess with. Typically, this is an immediate prelude to either installing cool programs, unlocking the handset for use with another cellular network, or both.

Through jailbreaking, you are able to add additional applications to your iDevice. It also allows modding (changing) of your iDevice application icons, wallpaper, dock, status bar, chat bubbles, weather backgrounds, keyboard….etc.