Want to Send or Receive Emails in Gmail at your own time?

Do you want to send or receive emails at your own convenient time? Boomerang is a new beta add-on for Google Chrome and Firefox and lets you schedule Gmail around your own time!

Whether you want to move emails about next week’s meeting out of your inbox until next week or want to send your Girl Friend a birthday email 3 weeks early, Boomerang can be very useful. 

Here is a small How To

1) This is currently on invitation basis only – Tweet me @k_avinash or message me on http://www.facebook.com/cosmoGeek for invites. Yes, I have got invites!

2) After this add-on installation, next time you log into Gmail, select a message and you’ll see a new Boomerang button in the toolbar.


Click it and select a time to have this message show back up in your inbox.  This will remove the message from your inbox, and then bring it back as a new, unread message at the time you set.

For the only first time, you’ll need to authenticate Boomerang with your Google Account if you haven’t already.  Click Allow in the pop-up window to accept.

3) In similar fashion, you can schedule to send emails later


This is an awesome way to make sure your email gets to your recipient at the time you want.

Whether you’re trying to make sure your boss sees your email first in the morning or want to schedule birthday emails for the whole month on one day, Boomerang is a great tool to get your messages sent when you want them to be sent without staying at your computer 24/7.  There are many ways you can put Boomerang to use in your life, so give it a try and see how you like it.