Tulalip: New Social Search Service Leaked Accidentally From Microsoft

Microsoft accidentally revealed an internal test version of its research design project “Tulalip” yesterday.

A teaser landing page has been revealed by Fusible and it appears to be a new “Social Search” service by Microsoft as shown below.



The company has been hosting these new details at www.socl.com. The site which is now taken offline reveals some interesting features which allows you to sign in using Facebook and Twitter.

Message appeared on the home page:

With Tulalip you can Find what you need and Share what you know easier than ever

Microsoft confirmed in a statement that www.Socl.com is an internal design project from one of the research teams which was mistakenly published to the web. The site now updated to reflect the mistake as below:

Thanks for stopping by. 

Socl.com is an internal design project from a team in Microsoft Research which was mistakenly published to the web.

We didn’t mean to, honest.

So, what do you think? The software giant was once again preparing its own social network to compete with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ ?