makes Profit of Rs.12 Crores per day. Stop Downloading!

I’ve recently came across this strange news about a Pakistani website (old news indeed), who have got around 12 lakh Indian users. This discussion raised again after the recent attack by Pakistan Cyber Army on over 270 Indian websites including CBI’s official website.




Cyber war between India and Pakistan is very old and anti-India elements in Pakistan are planning to attack Indian computer networks. There are some websites constantly in news for supporting terrorism. is one of the websites in the list.

The website has over 12 lakh Indian users who are downloading stuff from these websites daily.

This website is reportedly hosted by a hacker from Pakistan and is targeting Indian users.

The site is infested with bots, worms to hack data from targeted computers.

It will take only a few minutes for hackers to take command of over 12 lakh computers and the number can multiply in every minute. has 676 traffic ranks in world by Alexa.

It is getting 1627218 page views per day.

According to Yahoo, it has 22168 backlinks.

Estimated worth of this website is around USD 3.56 Million.

This Pakistani website makes profit of Rs 12 Crores per day!

It supplies all illegal money to terrorism.

This news is only for public awareness so that all of you can safeguard from any illegal issues. Before downloading any content from this website, think again. I even wonder why a single Bollywood biggie ever came forward to fight against these kind of sites which promotes piracy and terrorism.