Siri versus Microsoft’s Tellme. Siri is Indeed Miles Ahead

Now that everybody are excited about Apple’s new Siri feature, Microsoft have been talking a lot over the past couple of days about the not so popular feature in Windows Phone 7 known as Microsoft Tellme.

The research office from Microsoft told Forbes recently that Microsoft has had similar technology on its Windows Phone platform for more than a year!

According to the interview:

“People are infatuated with Apple announcing it. It’s good marketing, but at least as the technological capability you could argue that Microsoft has had a similar capability in Windows Phones for more than a year, since Windows Phone 7 was introduced.”




There are lot of things Microsoft’s Tellme can’t do that Siri can. Forget about Siri’s ability to interact in normal everyday language with user or other apps, Microsoft’s Tellme is not up to basic expectations. It is miles ahead of both Android and Windows Phone offerings.

Can’t believe? TechAu has put a video demonstration comparing both these voice assistants. Watch out: