Silverlight 5 Available for Download. This Could Be The Last Version

Microsoft today announced the release of Silverlight 5. Silverlight is part of a rich offering of technologies from Microsoft helping developers deliver applications for the web, desktop and mobile devices.




From the MSDN blog, new features in Silverlight 5 include –

New features in Silverlight 5 include Hardware Decode of H.264 media, which provides a significant performance improvement with decoding of unprotected content using the GPU; Postscript Vector Printing to improve output quality and file size; and an improved graphics stack with 3D support that uses the XNA API on the Windows platform to gain low-level access to the GPU for drawing vertex shaders and low-level 3D primitives.

Even though there is no word on its finality, we can expect Microsoft to soon stop this product in accordance to HTML 5.

Learn more about Silverlight and download it from the link.