Search Facebook in Real-Time using ‘FbInstant’

We already know how Google changed the search experience using Google Instant where you type keywords on your search and you get the results displayed while you type.

Close on the heels of Google Instant, many third party developers came with YouTube Instant,

Twitter Instant etc..

Now, lets see Facebook Instant




Fbinstant is a real-time search engine that allows you to browse public and media content of Facebook instantly without breaking the privacy settings of Facebook users.

Besides being the only real time search engine available for Facebook, here are some of the things that make FBInstant special:

  • No search history saved on your disk.
  • All the searches and the results are shown in one page !
  • Easy to use you just need to start typing and the results will show up instantly.
  • Even if not logged in, you will still be able to search in public and only public posts.
  • You can play the videos as they are displayed with one click.
  • And soon, you will be able to comment, share, like and even update your status.

Currently it works perfectly on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and IE8+
though some issues with IE in general. [ie6 for example]