Samsung to Apple: Show Us The iPhone 4S Source Code

We have seen many cases where the two massive corporations – Apple and Samsung – in legal battles. Here is one more thing.

Samsung is now asking the Australian court for the source code of the latest iPhone 4S’ firmware, and also any agreements that have been made with Vodafone, Telstra and Optus prior to the launch in Australia.




According to SmartOffice, Samsung believes that the iPhone infringes on three of its patents that deal with 3G wireless technology and the transmission of mobile data. Apple would need to show all the source code of the iPhone 4S and deals made prior to launch in the future.

Recently, Apple managed to temporarily get Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in South Korea, and very nearly banned in Australia until Samsung made Apple an offer they could not refuse which apparently didn’t turn out that well for Samsung as well.

Now, in this case, I highly doubt that Apple will be handing over source code for anything to anyone, what do you think of this series of fights between these global giants? Is it getting little awkward?