New vulnerability in media players using subtitles allows a hacker to take full control of any device

Security research firm Checkpoint announced that its team had discovered a new vulnerability in numerous media players that allows a hacker to take full control … [Read more...]

This garbage domain registration may have stopped massive malware attack

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Microsoft unveils Windows 10 S, a more powerful competitor to Chrome OS

At its event in New York today, Microsoft announced a new iteration of Windows 10: Windows 10 S - Microsoft challenger to Chrome OS. Microsoft is calling it a … [Read more...]

Nest adds two-factor auth

Nest adds two-factor authentication to increase security for their cameras and thermostats. Just go to the account settings from your app to get started: … [Read more...]

A typo took the half Internet down? #AWSOutage

A typo took the half Internet down? #AWSOutage Amazon said the S3 team was working on an issue that was slowing down its billing system. Here’s what … [Read more...]

Flipkart has agreed to adopt Microsoft Azure as its exclusive public cloud platform

Microsoft signs exclusive cloud deal with Flipkart, Amazon’s biggest online retail rival in India. It’s a significant customer win for Microsoft in the public … [Read more...]

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella joining Starbucks board

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has been nominated to the Starbucks promising to give the coffee giant additional technology expertise. Read … [Read more...]

Breaking News: Marissa Mayer is resigning and Yahoo is changing name to Altaba Inc.

Breaking News: Marissa Mayer is resigning and Yahoo is changing its name to Altaba Inc. as per the latest filing … [Read more...]

How can I be happy?

How can I be happy? Here is an awesome image and video I found on this topic! Video: TED Talk - Pursuit of a memorable life … [Read more...]

Yahoo Discloses New Breach of 1 Billion User Accounts

Yahoo revealed new security issues affecting more than a billion users’ data, a breach that is separate to the hack it disclosed earlier this year, which was … [Read more...]