Optical Illusion [HQ] – Crappy malware floating on Facebook!

Ok. A bunch of people that are my friends are getting this video posted on their walls, and it looks like porn or something. A lot of my friends have gotten it. Even I allowed it incidentally and it posted on many of my fr’s walls automatically. Its this lower half of a naked girl (nothing shown!)

The application seems to be called “Optical Illusion [HQ]’ and if you click on one of the links it will send out the link to people on your friends list stating person’s name, this is without doubt the hottest video ever! 😛 😛 😛 and a link.

If you see one of these posts in your newsfeed, Do Not Click On The Link! If someone posts it to your wall, just delete it without opening it.

If you have already done the damage by clicking it, go to your application settings from Account>Application Settings and delete the application – “F.B. HD Video Player”. Then if you are able to, delete the posts from your friend’s pages if it has sent them.

I do not have a screenshot of the application to show currently!