Oh, by the way: iOS 4 is now available

In the off chance that you’re not already running the new iPhone firmware update, Apple has released iOS4 to the public for free download. iPhone iOS 4.0 is now officially live and free to download for iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch devices.
Currently iOS 4.0 can be downloaded via iTunes 9.2 only and if you have installed iTunes 9.2, be patient until you find a update notification on your system.

iPhone iOS 4.0 features an array of new options such as local notifications, iBooks, folders, an improved mail app, faces and places, home screen wallpapers, and multitasking (not available to 3G and iPod Touch 2G).

Five things to know about iOS 4:

Welcome to the future, or at least like the first five min of it.

1. Multi-tasking is still in its infancy – Apple gave developers very little time to really go full-bore on the problem of multi-tasking.

2. Be careful with wallpaper – All you budding iOS interior decorators take note: with great power comes great responsibility. Using a photo of your cat as your home screen background makes things look horrible. The zoom, in fact, is amazingly smooth and impressive.

3. Apple is taking over some third-party services – When you used to fire up video games on the iPhone you were once presented with “networking” solutions that allowed you to share your scores and play against friends. Those are being replaced by Game Center.

4. It can be jailbroken – Still not enough for you? But you can add little apps that Apple hasn’t approved. Do not, however, expect to carrier unlock the iPhone 4 when it comes out. This is not yet supported.

5. Visuallly it’s more pleasing, especially with folders and the new sliding
windows – Generally, iOS 4.0 is a nice change.