Nokia To Announce Partnership with Microsoft?

With Nokia’s recent issues with poor sales, rumors are once again burst that the mobile giant is batting its eyelashes at other operating system with the hopes of improving its fortunes.

Could it be Microkia?



According to Engadget, it’s expected that Nokia will announce a new partnership at Capital Markets Day next Friday. The report strongly bruits with Nokia recently appointed CEO Stephen Elop (from Microsoft) and has clearly marching orders to take Nokia in a new, more profitable direction making Windows Phone 7 as the operating system of choice moving forward, with Google’s Android also touted as a possible alternative to in-house software such as Symbian and MeeGo.

Can Nokia become another Samsung, LG or HTC? There’s clearly a market out there for sleek, sexy hardware running the latest and greatest OS and Nokia certainly knows how to do sleek and sexy.