Next Android Release 4.0 To Be Called ‘Ice Cream’

According to Forbes, the codename for Google’s 4.0 firmware of the Android operating system will be codenamed “Ice Cream”, following the alphabetical naming procedure used by the search giant, to follow Gingerbread (3.0) and Honeycomb (3.5).




The custom naming of Android operating system began in May 2009 as below:

Cupcake – Android 1.5 in May 2009

Donut – Android 1.6 in Sep 2009

Éclair – Android 2.0 in Oct 2009

Froyo – Android 2.2 in May 2010

Gingerbread – Android 3.0

Honeycomb – Android 3.5

Ice Cream – Android 4.0

Ice Cream won’t be introduced until mid-2011. Gingerbread is expected to be released before the end of the year and Honeycomb in early 2011.

[via] Forbes