Microsoft to Sneak Preview Windows 8 tomorrow?

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011 will kick off tomorrow at around 8:00 PM IST Thursday, January 6, commencing with the keynote address from Steve Ballmer, CEO Microsoft.



So, what you can expect from Microsoft at this four day International event?

Reports are coming in that Microsoft may announce a set-top box in a reply to the Apple TV and Google TV.

You may also expect Windows Phone 7.1 with copy/paste functionality with the addition of CDMA-based Windows Phone devices

And the biggie, a sneak peak of Windows 8 may also be teased at this event

“Avatar Kinect” feature for Xbox 360 is also rumoured to be announced in this event

You can enjoy all the action streamed LIVE of this event from this link here. To watch the keynote address Live, follow this link here.

Stay tuned to cosmoGeek for more surprises at this event!