Microsoft to Increase Prices for Certifications Exams

Effective July 1, 2011, Microsoft has decided to increase retail price of its Certifications Exams. The price increase will vary from country to country and in India, the price change will be effective on Aug 1, 2011.




According to the FAQ page:

Microsoft recognizes the increased pressures on students and academic institutions during these challenging economic times.

Although some of the prices for Microsoft Certification exams for students and academic institutions will increase, the discount will remain significant. Microsoft is dedicated to helping students become more employable for entry jobs in the IT industry.

IT Academy members, high school, college, or university students enrolled in a degree or diploma program will continue to receive a discount off the retail price of select Microsoft Certification exams.

In India, the current retail price of $50 per certification will be increased to $80 from Aug 1, 2011. All vouchers purchased prior to July 1 will remain valid until their date of expiration.

Use this pricing tool to determine your current and future Microsoft Certification exam prices.