Microsoft Officially Confirmed New Windows Logo

Microsoft changed its Windows Logo, an inspired design from its new Metro interface. A day after Apple unveiled its next operating system Mountain Lion, Microsoft announced in an official blog confirmation that it has redesigned the Windows Logo.

This new logo is truly inspired from its well known mobile operating system Windows Phone.






The new design is the biggest change from its classic 90s logo. In an official post, Microsoft’s Principal Director of User Experience for Windows confirmed that the new logo carries Metro principle of being ‘Authentically Digital’.

It’s a window… not a flag

…., “your name is Windows. Why are you a flag?”

In some ways you can trace the evolution of the Windows logo in parallel with the advancements of the technology used to create logos. From the simple two color version in Windows 1.0 to the intricate and detailed renderings in Windows Vista and Windows 7, each change makes sense in the context in which it was created. “

So, do you like the single colored new Windows logo? Do you really feel it is clean and evoking Metro style? Or do you miss all those four-multi colors which are there till Windows 7? Well, Microsoft can’t go back on it, but let us know your thoughts on the new logo in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, enjoy the logo transition from Windows 1.0 to Windows 7 –