Microsoft Apologizes For Windows Azure Girls’ Vulgar Dance [Video]

Somewhere in the world, Microsoft is going to fire a bunch of its Marketing team for this so called vulgar dance skit. The dance took place at an event in Norway that was intended to promote new advances in Microsoft’s Azure cloud-computing platform. This video  has to be one of the most embarrassing attempts at corporate entertainment.

Later, Microsoft had to apologize to its customers and partners for the inappropriate act.


These girls in the video dancing for a techno music is not bad enough but the song lyrics contained a number drugs references and lustful lyrics. Among them –

“CSS is my LSD”, and: “The words Micro and Soft don’t apply to my penis (or vagina)”. 

Later, as reported by GeekWire, Frank Shaw, head of corporate communications for Microsoft, tweeted that the routine — some of which you can see in the video below — was “inappropriate and just not okay.”

Microsoft already posted comments on YouTube apologizing for what happened saying – “This week’s Norwegian Developer’s Conference included a skit that involved inappropriate and offensive elements and vulgar language. We apologize to our customers and our partners and are actively looking into the matter.”

Seriously, this one is a  far cry from videos like CEO Steve Ballmer’s “Developers, developers, developers”. Until you hear more, judge for yourself below: