Mercedes Benz To Integrate Siri In Its New A-Class Car

Apple is going to change the automobile industry with its new revolutionary voice recognition feature, Siri. This time Mercedes Benz will show off its new A-Class integrating Siri voice-recognition technology at next month’s Geneva Motor Show.

This will be the first automaker to support and integrate Siri in a car which may allow users to make appointments, send texts, emails, etc. all through voice commands.







The automaker is updating the system using an infotainment system called “COMAND” where the user interface has undergone a complete overhaul, ditching the black for a sharp three dimensional design.

From the official Autoblog press release,

“The new Digital DriveStyle app allows drivers to stream AUPEO! radio (Europe’s equivalent to Pandora), connect with Facebook and Twitter to read out status updates, find your car in a crowded parking lot and get real-time traffic data and point-of-interest searches through a new Garmin navigation system. All of which is available with the entry-level "Audio 20" setup.”

Further, with the new user interface design, you will now be able to offer the Facebook, Twitter and so on using the ‘Digital DriveStyle App’.

Mercedes’ current A-Class is priced at $21,453, which is one of Mercede’s cheapest options. Mercedes says Siri integration will be rolling into its more expensive line of vehicles, the B, C and E-Class models, this fall. The previously mentioned new A-Class will first be launched in the UK.