LinkedIn Suspended Gawker Hacked User Accounts

LinkedIn took an advanced and aggressive measure today in response to Gawker Media’s massive security breach. Most of the Gawker comprised users got an email that their account is suspended from any further data breach.



LinkedIn email to users read –

“…In order to ensure that you continue to have the best experience using LinkedIn, we are constantly monitoring our site to make sure your account information is safe. We have recently disabled your account for security reasons…”

The message goes on to explain how to reset your password. They also tweeted, “sorry for the inconvenience, as a proactive measure we’ve reached out to users potentially affected by the gawker breach regarding password”

As word of the breach spread, LinkedIn’s security team cross-checked the list of exposed email addresses against its own database. LinkedIn did not match passwords, but only looked at the corresponding e-mail addresses.

cosmoGeek tweeted earlier that gossip site Gawker has experienced a large data breach and it is confirmed by the company. The user names, email addresses, passwords of people who comment on their website have been hacked. Other sites in this hack include,,