Just How Big Is Apple? [Infographic]

Just imagine how Apple is really worth in terms of cash? Apple’s total sales in 2011 alone were $128 billion! That’s more than the gross domestic product of about 160 nations around the world.

How Big is Apple

Here is an interesting infographic from Best Computer Science Degrees which compares Apple’s massive reach around the world. Some of the eye-popping statistics of the trillion dollar company –

Apple’s release of its latest iPad was massive: the company sold 3 million devices in the first 72 hours of release.

695 iPads are sold every minute. 11 iPads are sold every second.

Apple projects to sell 56.4 million iPads in 2012. Laid end-to-end those iPads would stretch from Cupertino, California to New York City and back and nearly halfway back to the Big Apple.

40% of Apple’s revenue is credited to the iPhone alone.

Here is the infographic and let us know how Apple will continue to expand in the comments section.


Just how big is Apple?
From: Best Computer Science Degrees