iPhone 4S / Canon DSLR 5D – 1080p Video Comparison

Here is the biggie! A ‘fair’ test between the newly launched amazing device from Apple, iPhone 4S and a professional grade Canon DSLR 5D MK II. Both the videos are taken at Full 1080p HD resolution.

Previously, we saw some amazing pictures taken using the iPhone 4S’ powerful camera. Now, Robino Films has done a quite good video comparison. Exposure, shutter speed, frame rate and picture style were matched as close as possible between the two cameras.


photo 4 (3)


Here are the settings used in the test:

iPhone 4S (8 MP with Auto Focus, 1080p video stabilization)

– AE.AF locked. That’s all you have!

Canon 5D MKII

– Canon 50mm 1.4
– ISO 160 ~ 640 (varied per shot to match the iPhone)
– F 7~22 (varied per shot to match the iPhone)
– Shutter 1/60th
– Auto WB
– Standard Picture Style
– 1080p 30


Watch the below video in HD for more accurate precision. Definitely, Apple’s device is rival and stands right to the DSLR cameras. Will you guys leave all those bulky cameras at home?