iOS 5 Beta Crashes With Headphones and Music App [Video]

Apple recently announced the next iOS version, iOS 5 which includes amazing new features – notification centre, improved home screen, and much more.

Even though this is in beta, there is a weird bug where the OS crashes on the whole when the music app is launched with earphones or headphones plugged in. I am not sure this is only specific to 3rd generation iPod touches but the bug is still present in iOS 5 beta 2 (it is even present in Beta 1) which is released on July 24, 2011.




Product: 32 GB iPod Touch (3rd generation)

OS: iOS 5 Beta 2 (Build 9A5248d)

Problem: Whenever I play music with headphones plugged in, the OS crashes!

Temporary Solution: In order to listen to music without crash, play music first, wait for few seconds, and plug in your headphones!

Here is a short video (from my mobile phone in low quality) where I managed to capture this evening