How To Post On Google+ And Facebook Simultaneously

With the entry of Facebook killer in the social networking globe, Google+ is getting enormous response in its initial stages. Google+ is being promoted as a friendly social network built around how human interaction is supposed to be: natural and not constrained by inefficient technology.




Going to each social networking website and updating status is a real pain. If you want to update your status on Google+ and Facebook simultaneously, following tutorial (without any browser extensions!) helps you in doing that –

  1. Go to your Facebook account from on your computer. Find “More Facebook Mobile Products” somewhere left on this page. Underneath the text, you will see your account specific email address (something like This is a secret email just for you. Don’t share with anyone.
  2. Next, open Google+ and go to Circles. Click on add a new circle and call it something as ‘Facebook Status’. Click on add a new person and paste your unique Facebook account specific email address above and save it with your convenient name.
  3. Now, whenever you update your status in Google+, just add this circle in your list and it will automatically post the same status to your Facebook wall as well.

Pretty cool. Isn’t it? There are lots of tips and tricks to update both Google+ and Facebook using browser extensions – but this one is unique.