How To Get Google+ Invite Right Now

So, the Facebook killer is out and everybody around the globe who got invites are playing with this new awesome product from Google. If you are too late to be invited by Google, this project Google+ now stopped sending invites on its own because of huge response!

And there are people selling these invites on eBay for money too!



This trick takes the hidden feature of Circles service, which is a part of Google+ project. This allows you to send invites to a list of email addresses. Until Google decides to catch it and make Google+ completely live, follow these simple steps.


Catch your friend who is already using Google+. Ask him/her to follow these steps –

    1. Create a circle with name “invite” [this can be with any name]
    2. Add people who have Gmail contacts to this circle
    3. Create a post (you call it as stream in Google+) and address it to only the ‘invite’ circle
    4. Make sure you not to make this post public to everyone
    5. Those people should now get an email asking them to sign up for Google+

I’ve tested this trick and it works as of now at the time of writing this post.

To those who still wondering what Google+ is – it is the newest social networking attempt from Google, after its two failures Buzz and Wave. The new service is partly a marketing ploy and partly a combination of great ideas from other social networks (Facebook and Twitter) with Google’s twist. Google+ is being promoted as a friendly social network built around how human interaction is supposed to be: natural and not constrained by inefficient technology.