Hate CAPTCHAs? Here comes ‘Solve Media’

Hate dealing with crummy captchas – the squiggly, indecipherable text strings web sites often force you to read and regurgitate for security reasons? Here comes a new innovative Solve Media way of doing this.

The New York start-up isn’t getting rid of captchas, but it does promise to make them more tolerable: It says it can swap out the random, hard-to-read text with clear, concise English. And while it’s at it, it says it can turn captchas into revenue generators for publishers, by transforming them into ad units.

It’s a super-simple pitch, and if you see the ad units Solve Media is selling, it gets even easier to understand.

Here is the complete picture –


                                               Traditional way of CAPTCHA



Social Media way of CAPTCHA



Watch out the cool video ‘Solve Media in 101 seconds’ in their homepage.