Google Wallet: Tap Your Phone To Pay. PayPal Sues For Intellectual Theft

Earlier last week, Google unveiled yet another future innovative technology – Google Wallet. Google Wallet is an Android app that makes your phone wallet. In simple words, Google Wallet is a result of a partnership that will allow Google to have NFC (Near Field Communication) built in most of upcoming Android devices.

NFC is a wireless technology, which among other usages, will allow you to replace your credit card with your smartphone.




Because Google Wallet is a mobile app, it will do more than a regular wallet ever could. You’ll be able to store your credit cards, offers, loyalty cards and gift cards, but without the bulk. When you tap to pay, your phone will also automatically redeem offers and earn loyalty points for you. Someday, even things like boarding passes, tickets, ID and keys could be stored in Google Wallet.

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This is a just a start to what Microsoft, Apple visualized many months ago. As usual, Google rushed into this and made deals with various companies. Apple is still watching and learning of better ways to implement NFC for the next generation iPhone.

After Google unveiled this tap to pay technology, PayPal struck back with a lawsuit alleging the service is the by-product of intellectual theft and betrayal.

PayPal alleges that Google obtained trade secrets from Osama Bedier, a former PayPal executive who is now Google’s vice president of payments.

PayPal, which is owned by online auction site eBay, also claims in its lawsuit that Bedier was in job talks with Google at the same time as he was leading negotiations to make PayPal a payment option on Android. Bedier was hired by Google in January of this year and Google said it has not yet seen the complaint and won’t be able to comment until we’ve had a chance to review it.