“Google Recipe” Now Teaches You Cooking!

As a computer geek, I prefer to work with complex gadgets and problems, but when somebody talks about ‘cooking’ which I never tried till now – thanks to Google Recipe – the new tool which teaches your cooking in a smart way!

Recipe View lets you narrow your search results to show only recipes, and helps you choose the right recipe amongst the search results by showing clearly marked ratings, ingredients and pictures.




In the past, you only had one way to specify your recipe searches—with the text you type into the Google search box. Now you can also filter search results based on your ideal ingredients, cooking time and calorie count using the recipe tools on the left hand side of the page.

This is an exciting technical milestone from Google since it’s first time built a brand new set of search tools based off of rich snippets data.

I can now find Hyderabadi Biryani recipes that include cashews and take less than 30 min to make!

Meanwhile, slice and dice your recipe search results with this amazing tool.