Gevey SIM – The Only Working Method to Unlock Any iPhone 4



Are you one of the users who tired of waiting software based unlock to unlock your iPhone 4 ? You may already heard of this hardware based unlock method – Gevey SIM Interposer, a Turbo SIM like piggy back sim card that allows you to unlock any iPhone 4 (all basebands up to 04.11.04 including iOS 5 beta) and does not even require to jailbreak your device.

This method is still questionable in terms of its legal issues and readers are encouraged to try at their own risk.

What it contains?

Micro SIM Interposer – A circuit with the unlock exploit programmed in it

SIM Tray – Holds the micro sim card along with the sim interposer. This will replace your stock sim tray

The official site claims that it works perfectly with iOS 4.0, 4.1, 4.2.1, 4.3, 4.3.1, 4.3.2, 4.3.3 versions and modem baseband versions 1.59, 2.10, 3.10.1, 4.10, 4.10.1. We have reports that it is also working without any problems with the latest iOS 5.0 beta which upgrades your baseband to 4.11.04.

How to use Gevey SIM?

After inserting Gevey SIM into your iPhone 4, switch off your phone.

Turn it on back, accept welcome screen. It will show ‘No SIM card installed’ message with couple of instructions. Just accept.

Wait for 15 seconds and dial 112.

Once you connect to the call, disconnect it after 2 sec. 112 is an emergency number and users are recommended to make sure it does not ring at the other end.

Now, go to settings, select Airplane Mode ON. Again, turn it OFF.

You will now see a ‘SIM Failure’ message. Wait for few seconds for the network magic bar to appear!

Your iPhone 4 is now activated!

Does it work in India?

Now, the question is does it work in all other parts of the world like India? We have trusted reports from users that Gevey SIM method is working in India without any problems as of now.

Where to buy Gevey SIM?

The official distributor of Gevey SIM will not ship the product to all countries but you can choose trusted resources like Amazon, Ebay.

AmazonThis link seems to be the lowest price available ($6.69) with fast shipping and quick refund policy for damaged goods.

Ebay – There are many deals floating around on ebay where there are instances in the past that fake Gevey products are delivered via eBay.