FaceTime now on Mac

It’s remarkable. It’s fun. And it’s not just for iPhone and iPod touch anymore. Now you can make video calls to iPhone 4, the new iPod touch, or another Mac. Right from your Mac.

Apple on Wednesday announced that it will bring its FaceTime video-chat service to its Mac machines.




A beta version of FaceTime for Mac is available now via Apple.com. The feature will expand to full screen; it can also turn the display so a landscape shot auto-rotates.

FaceTime for Mac was announced during a Wednesday press event at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters. Chief executive Steve Jobs showed off the technology by initiating a call to Phil Schiller, who was using an iPhone 4.

What is FaceTime? FaceTime made its debut on the iPhone 4, and was recently added to the new iPod touch. It works over Wi-Fi and utilizes the front-facing cameras on both devices – and now the Mac webcam – to display video of the caller.