Facebook co-founder launches Jumo–“A Social Network for Change”

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes today announced the public beta launch of “Jumo”, a social network for people who want to change the world.

Chris co-founded Facebook in 2004 and helped lay the foundation for the communications and product management teams.



Jumo launches today, November 30th, supporting 3,500 charities in over 200 issue areas across the world. The site enables you to search for issues and organizations that spark your compassion, whether it’s a girls’ school in rural Kenya or a homeless shelter in Haiti; follow the latest news and updates; and support their work by donating your time, money or skills.

You will need a Facebook account to sign-in, although it promises that non-Facebook users will be able to sign up for accounts in future.

Jumo is open to all organizations or groups with a charitable mission, from the soup kitchen down the street to a rural health clinic in India. Since it’s a free site, it will greatly benefit organizations that don’t have enough resources, whether financial or sheer man power, to get their message out, organize outreach or advocate their cause.